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First Class Delivery And Moving Services LLC
1575 Aviation Center Pkwy, Suite 531 Daytona Beach, FL 32114 USA

Recent review:

Brett Atwood

In the service industry, companies that set themselves up for success, are the ones who go over and above to do an exceptional job. They are smart enough to know that if they provide an exceptional service at a fair price, their business will grow via word of mouth. The guys at First Class Delivery and Moving Services, LLC exemplify this. I am still having the WOW over the experience. They moved pretty much an entire home from Port Orange to Oviedo for us, and their prep of the furniture (wrapping, and protecting literally everything) and Jeremy checking and double-checking everything to ensure that nothing got even a slight scratch, left me in awe. About 20 years ago we moved from Dallas to Houston, and paid a ton of money - First Class did so much of a better job, albeit a smaller house and shorter distance, but I would give them my highest recommendation, and when I need to move, I will be calling them!!

based on 47 reviews
Iship it Right
2665 North Atlantic Ave,Suite 362 Daytona Beach, FL 32118 USA

Recent review:

Tim Wagstyl

We shipped our personal items from San Francisco to Berlin, Germany. We reached out to the company and Andrej responded quickly. We talked about what we have to ship and he understood the situation perfectly. Unlike other people that move between continents we only had to ship 11 standard boxes. Every single other of the 10 quotes we received recommended ocean freight. Prices for those quotes came out at around $1500-$3500. Andrej from Ishipitright was the only Agent I talked to who recommended air freight. He said air freight will be cheaper for the small amount we are shipping and faster. He quoted us $1000. After doing more research we didn’t find a single company that could beat their offer. Plus air freight is much faster and will only take a week or two from drop off in San Francisco until pick up in Germany. We decided to go ahead and work with them. Andrej sent me a few forms that I had to sign using DocuSign. About two days later Xiomara from Ishipitright contacted me to set everything else up. She talked me through the necessary steps, the most important thing being a super accurate shipping item list in German and English. At the same time ishipitright requested a $500 deposit to start the process with I paid immediately. I spoke to Xiomara and agreed to drop off our boxes on a specific date at a company close to SFO. We were asked to label all of our boxes and make sure the shipping list was 100% accurate and complete. By that I mean to the smallest item. German customs are very picky and precise. Our item list even included items like usb charging cables. You need to make sure to have every item listed, the correct amount and value. We dropped off our boxes a few days later. That worked out just fine. A few days later we flew to Germany and emailed Xiomara to get an update. She told us that the shipment was dropped off and they started processing it and that we will receive the boxes in around two weeks. At the same time I received the final invoice and payment request for another $570 totaling $1070 which was very close to what was quoted initially. I paid $570 and the rest went it’s way. Since the final amount is based on weight Andrej did the best he could. Our shipment arrived in Germany just as promised and we were contacted by German customs to pick up our stuff and bring the necessary paperwork which is my passport, shipping list in German, my German Anmeldungsbestätigung (registration confirmation), and the form 0350 from German customs for moving goods (Übersiedlungsgut). The later I had to fill out myself. Again I can only recommend to be 110% honest and accurate. German customs will be very suspicious if something looks fishy. Usually airport charge a storage fee per weight and per day. That means you have to pick up ASAP. Since we picked up on day 1 we only paid 36€. For our 150kg shipment every day 36€ in storage is added if you don’t pick up. Make three copies of all documents before you go to pick everything up since the customs officer will need 3 copies of everything. The whole process took about an hour and our shipment was waived through. We didn’t pay taxes or custom duties since it was declared moving goods. All in all we are super happy to have chosen Ishipitright. From the first phone call with Andrej to working with Xiomara it went flawlessly. Andrej is very knowledgeable and gave me great advice. Xiomara was thorough and nice to work with. The only advice I have to future customers. Contact the customs in the country of destination and find out as much as you can. It will help you later and most importantly safe time and money. Don’t approach and international move with the mindset “it’s going to work out” and they will do everything for me. They can‘t. You have to take care of customs and a few other things. Be thorough and do you homework and follow the instruction of the shipper.

based on 18 reviews
United State Transport
257 WoodLand Ave Daytona Beach, FL 32118 USA

Recent review:

Sona S

Very careful and professional. Had an excellent experience moving an expensive vehicle from OH to FL.

based on 6 reviews
ONeill Transport Moving and Storage
2812 Hayes Lane, Daytona Beach, FL 32738 USA

Recent review:

Louise Wigg

Love them....Best company with the best crew.

based on 2 reviews
Sj Moving & Storage Inc
154 North Nova Road Daytona Beach, FL 32114 USA
based on 0 reviews
Reads Moving Systems Of Daytona Inc
475 Fentress Blvd #a Daytona Beach, FL 32114 USA
based on 0 reviews
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