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219 E Broadway St Winnsboro, TX 75494 USA

(903) 342-3437

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Customer Reviews
Vivek Menon

My alma mater and one of the best public universities. I had the best experience of my life at TAMU. With its sprawling campus, perhaps the largest in the country, its noteworthy faculty, the friendliest bunch of people, great infrastructure, affordable tuition and cost of living, perhaps the lowest in the US and some of the best research facilities, TAMU is an exceptional college to attend. The college also instills in you a fighting spirit, exposes you to some of the greatest traditions and gives you an all round education, that goes above and beyond your curriculum. Proud to be an Aggie !!!

Nick G

Beautiful campus full of friendly and welcoming people

Shams Aalam

This is wonderful place with full accessibility for Disabled and senior citizens beautiful garden with greenery and best place to study and practice with full accessibility of sports facilities available for disabled community. Various types of engineering and management studies department available. Huge campus with various sports facilities available adaptive sports facilities available for disabled community.

Jacqueline Reyes

The worst decision I made that has haunted my credit for the past 7 years. I was set to attend this school in 2012 as a transfer student. I was assured I would receive financial aid, and scholarships were to be awarded to me from this school. However, the financial aid department did nothing to make this happen even when hassling them for months, and I believe this has to do with my background (yes, I believe I was discriminated against). I felt unwelcome by this department to say the least. I still was charged the normal tuition and was told my financial aid would cover it when it kicked, but it never did. I ended up having to leave the university because I couldn't pay. But not without them charging me the pending tuition, and when I obviously couldn't pay it they sent it to collections. I eventually paid it off the following year (in 2013). However, late payments stay on your record and take years to be erased. This has impacted me tremendously in doing anything that requires a credit check. I need to write this review to caution any low income students who are thinking about applying and are promised financial aid. They will come back and charge you, and send it to collections. It is not worth the long term impact.

Isaias Pacheco

What an awesome experience. Texas A&M fans know how to have a good time. Tailgating at it's best. The stadium is beautiful and the fans Awesome. Great view at any seat. A must for the bucket list!