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7180 West 117th Ave STE A Broomfield, CO 80020 USA

(970) 514-6938

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Customer Reviews
Jake B

I'll start with the good - they showed up on time, and moved everything from point A to B as expected, within the amount of time allotted and right at the quoted cost of the move. The estimator we worked with (Noelle) has been awesome to work with and has been much better than their claims department (see below) to talk to. The bad - they left a bunch of shattered glass in our driveway and basement after moving all of our things (we had to borrow a broom and dust pan from our neighbors, since, you know, all of our stuff had been moved and we obviously didn't have anything available to clean up after them). My wife discovered it when I was at the storage unit with the movers, so I asked them what the glass was from since I didn't notice it immediately at the house. We were assured this glass was from a previous move (comforting, I guess?) but we will see when we unpack our storage unit in a few months. The worst part is that they broke our 65" TV, which no longer even turns on (pictures attached). One of the movers actually noticed it and apologized profusely - he knew they broke it and admitted it was their fault. He said All My Sons would replace it, and gave me the information to file a claim. All the movers worked really hard so I gave them a tip for their work, since sometimes things gets broken and we figured this company would do the right thing and cut us a check to replace the TV. I know moving is hard work, and these guys work hourly so work for tips. It was an honest mistake. After around a month of back and forth with the claims department, we have been offered $200, then when I rejected that offer, $280 for the TV, which was clearly broken by them. We bought the TV on sale during a Black Friday deal last year for $500. That's how much we're asking for in the claim, we just want to replace our TV with the same one that was broken. The claims department is basically impossible to get in touch with, they're screening my calls, don't respond to voicemails, and all have the same response when I finally do get them on the phone that they've clearly been trained to repeat over and over. Their response is "we're only legally liable for 60 cents per pound, which would be around $18 so this is a great offer." Our move was nearly $2,000 in total, and we had another move scheduled with them in a few months. You'd think replacing the TV for just $500 would be a no-brainer for them to keep our business with another $2,000 move coming up, but they don't seem to care about that, bad reviews, or losing recommendations to the many other people we know that are moving soon. So now they're losing our business (and hopefully others due to this cautionary tale) over the extra $220 it would take to make this right. I'd recommend going elsewhere for your moving needs.

Alexias Dybdahl

From start to finish, we were provided excellent customer service. Everyone was very professional and helpful. Our movers were very good and we appreciated everything they did. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of support while moving!

Eric Rosenblum

All My Sons did a great job with our local move in Wheat Ridge in May of 2020! They were responsive, polite and pricing was fair. All in all, I would use them again as well as recommend them to friends and colleagues. 5 stars all around for the moving team as well as management!

John Glassy

The two gentlemen from All My Sons who came out, Tyler and Joseph, did an excellent job with our move. They very carefully wrapped up furniture to protect it during the move and were very polite with my family. They made our job so much easier during a move. I feel that they took great care with our goods and everything arrived and was placed where it should go easily. The pack up, transport, unload, and place in the spots they belonged in went very well. These two were a great team and I highly recommend asking for them by name to do your work. Bravo, All My Sons, for having great employees! A satisfied customer!

ryan ballweg

I would give these guys a 0 star if I could. Absolutely terrible management. I was told over the phone two times that they only had their hourly rate and that there were 0 fees after that and the packing supplies were included in the hourly rate. So I decided to book. Got my email confirmation I saw a couple days later and noticed the date was incorrect so I called and had it corrected and then the rate went up $20/hr. Assuming they knew that and went with the incorrect date for a better rate so I would book right away. I was a little upset about that but they again confirmed no additional fees what so ever. Come to find out two days before our move when they called to confirm that there was a 14% fuel charge. I was furious about this but said fine it is what it is. Then, the day of the move. AFTER the crew started to load stuff I was then presented with the paperwork to sign and told that the packing materials were not included. A manager happened to call a couple min after I was told this and I explained how upset I was over this and he did nothing. Then we get to the new house. They unloaded everything and when they carried the bed frames up stairs they asked if we would like them put together as that was part of their service, also another reason we went with AMS. We said yes please. When they were finished, as the guys moving seemed like good workers I tipped them and they were off. I had not yet gone upstairs at this point. I go up stairs to find the beds were not put together. One room had two bed frames in it, the right mattress that had no box springs but yet there was the box spring in that room too. Tubs and bins for the basement storage area were in upstairs bedrooms. Later that night we went to plug in our couch (that we had them put in the spot we wanted and we did not move) the power recliners didn’t work. Come to find out either in transport or when they set the couch down and pushed it back they set it on the wire and broke the wire. We told the management how much stuff we had and they sent 2 movers to an easily 3 mover job. We were over promised and very under delivered with what we got. We were expecting to pay $450-600 for the move on what we were originally quoted and it ended up costing over $1k. Absolutely do not ever use this company. We were over charged and they didn’t do half of the stuff they said they would do. And when I spoke to the manager after the move he really didn’t have a thing to say and said he’ll file a claim for a few smaller things they broke that we were aware of at that time and that customer service would give me a call, which a week later I haven’t gotten a single call.