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12201 Shelby Drive Riverview, FL 33579 USA

(813) 299-2907

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Brothers Ez Moving Customer Reviews
Jordan Nielsen

We've moved quite a few times. We never had a good experience with anyone other than Brothers EZ movie. They are amazing and have used them three times already Professional, respectful, helpful, and fast. This is the moving company to use;; look no further.

Alan Jackson

If you are looking for a full service move, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. You will not receive one from this company and should be prepared to have to continue moving after they have left. If you complain, they will tell you they are "very sorry" but will not do anything about it. We hired Brother’s EZ Moving for a full service move (packing and moving). I had high hopes for a good experience based on their reviews. However, we neither had a good experience nor received a full service move. The packers left MANY items unpacked, which resulted in a great deal of confusion and wasted time on moving day (wasted time we paid for, of course). When I questioned the packers about the items they were leaving unpacked, they told me they were "grab and go" and that the movers could just put them on the truck as is. This set off some warning bells as we were a military family and you normally have to hide anything you don't want packed or it ends up in a box, but I didn't press them because this was our first full service local move and thought they knew what they were doing. Big mistake. On the day of the move it became immediately clear that the packers had not done their job to the movers' expectations. One of the first questions I was asked by the movers was, "Who packed you?" The movers were very professional, pleasant and apologetic, but MANY items were left at our house. We had to spend the next day making many trips in our car to move the items left at our original home. Some items packed on the fly were not labeled or secured properly and were extraordinarily difficult to find after the move. Before and after the move there was also an issue of emails not be responded to by some employees. It seems like quality is very inconsistent at Brothers EZ Moving. This was a very bad moving experience - one of the worst of our twelve moves - and I would not recommend this company to anyone looking for a smooth and stress-free move.


DONT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. I told the sales guy I didn’t want my tv touched. They moved it anyway. Didn’t properly wrap it. Broke it. now it’s been over 30 days since I filed a claim. I heard NOTHING. called twice each time they said they’ll get to it when they can. They broke a $700 50 in smart TV AND IM BEING TOLD ILL BARELY GET A QUARTER OF THE COST BACK IF ANYTHING AT ALL.!!! AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!!! I TOLD HIM NOT TO TOUCH MY TV BEFORE THE MOVE, THEY MOVE IT ANYWAYS AND BROKE IT AND NOW THEY WONT PAY FOR IT.

Chris Hamilton

I was concerned about hiring a company to move my furniture because of the horror stories you always hear. Rob and Joe from Brothers EZ Moving put my fears to rest almost immediately. They were polite and respectful and went to work almost as soon as they got there. They used blankets, tape, and shrink wrap to protect the items. The unload was just as easy. I've already recommended them to two realtors. Would definitely use them again.

Laura Nation

These boys showed up ready to hustle! They were very polite, nicely dressed, detail oriented, and SO quick! The entire move only took 5 hours. I highly recommend them!