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930 Monks Grove Road Spartanburg, SC 29303 USA

(864) 578-1400

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Carey Moving & Storage Customer Reviews
Elizabeth A Moon

Jon and his wife made my stressful ordeal into a positive experience. They were professional in every way and I would highly recommend them to everyone! They made the transition seamless and I would definitely use them again

Nan Merz

On a recent move with Carey, several valuable 18th c pieces were damaged, one very badly. The mover gets off the truck and tells me,”I am sorry but we just dropped a heavy carton on top of the grandfather clock, estimated value a few years ago $22,000, famous 18th c clockmaker. The bonnet was smashed very badly. Luckily, I moved near Charleston, home to many antiques, where an excellent excellent restorer managed to piece it and about 8 other pieces with broken legs and whatnot back together, but especially the clocks are now not in original condition. I had at least 5 people, including their contract people tell me the clocks should have all been crated. They only crated the pendulums and the weights. One pendulum did have a broken tip, and the complaint department lady kept telling me over and over that was noted. Yes, it was but the other things wrong were not. She told the restorer I had said I didn’t want the clocks crated. She did not repeat that to me, as I told her straight off that was a lie. Never. I was horrified on moving day to watch them wrap them in Saran Wrap stuff and questioned it! She also said it was “noted” that a mantle clock was missing its feet. Well, that is at the restorer now with no missing feet. You can’t move old pieces without extra care, I paid for replacement insurance and for crating. I made the mistake of not asking about each and every piece. . The people they sent out to put the clocks back together would only touch one because of the condition they were in, works jammed in, so pendulums and weights could not be placed. One spring coil was damaged, this was not “noted”. Complaint department doesn’t seem to understand that the faces et al were jammed into the bonnets and kept telling me they don’t pay for adjustments. Well, when I finally found a clock man who would come out, he couldn’t even put the weights and pendulums back as all was jammed. This was not a preexisiting condition. It was caused by terrible packing. DO NOT USE this company if you value your heirlooms!

Victoria Ernest

The guys at Carey Moving were more than awesome today with all of our moving needs. It was not an easy task, and they had to deal with some things that were out of the ordinary as far as infrastructure, yet they kept a positive attitude throughout the entire day!! I would highly recommend this moving company to anyone!!!

joanne costello

Jose & his crew of Brandon, Bryant & Patrick* packed, moved and unpacked me into my new home. I cannot give these guys enough praise for their professionalism and willingness to help. They carefully wrapped my possessions & everything arrived in perfect condition. I love that they paid attention to my dog, who felt anxious with all the commotion.

Grant Tate

Ive known the Carey’s since I was six. What I didn't know about them was their talent. Brian sent five guys and two trucks to do a move he estimated at 5 hours. They finished in 4. Not kidding. And the invoice was dirt cheap. That company moved an entire butcher shop, with all the inventory, for a little over a grand and made it look easy. Do yourself a favor as you’re gathering quotes...make Carey your last call. If they are within $500 of the other guy, USE CAREY!!! You will recoup every penny in the lack of drama these guys bring to a difficult move. This is the slam dunk company for moving. Period. Grant Tate Tate Meatworks 670 E Main St Spartanburg SC 29302