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Direct Connect Auto Transport Customer Reviews
Thomas Harrison

I had three cars I had to take from California to Georgia. I reached out a month before the pick up and everything seemed fine, however the week of the pick up I had to call because they had not reached out. When they got back to me they told me a driver would be in contact with me shortly, I received an unknown number phone call while I was away from my phone and thought nothing of it, because there was no voicemail. When I thought about it, I decided to call the unknown number back just in case but no answer. The next morning (the day of the pickup) I got a call at 7 from my dispatcher telling me I should answer my phone because the driver was frantically trying to reach me. However I had no calls coming in and the dispatcher gave me the number to call the driver but agin no answer. Then I spent that whole morning the last day in CA trying to get a hold of anyone including the dispatcher who called me. They called later that afternoon and told me I was getting all these calls from people in the office which never happened and was not honest. He then told me the driver canceled. The day I had to leave and told me I would have to wait a few days for the next person. I wasn’t going to have time because I was moving. I had to get another driver and a friend to deal with it. They were not honest, and difficult to deal with. Just awful

Asha Arden

Professional skilled friendly. My car was delivered early!! Awesome company. Awesome driver Jose.

Jeanette Donahue

I had my vehicle moved between states and had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience. I called and received a quote a month prior to my vehicle being transported. It was the lowest quote I received and the company seemed to have good reviews. I reserved the spot and was told the by the associate (Marc R.) that I worked with that the price was fixed and non-adjustable and they have many trucks a week that take that route so assigning it would be a problem. The week before the pick up day I hadn’t heard anything from the company so I called the associate to make sure everything was on track. I was assured that everything was and a driver would by contacting me two days before pick up. Two days prior I still hadn’t heard anything. The day the vehicle was supposed to be picked up I called the associate again for details and was informed that a truck hadn’t even been assigned yet because they couldn’t find a truck willing to pick up the vehicle for the price I was quoted. My only option was to pay an additional $120. I agreed because I was moving out of state and needed my car moved ASAP. Late the next evening the vehicle was picked up. I had made prior arrangements with the associate to pay with a credit card. I paid the initial deposit with my credit card and was told I could pay the remaining balance with the same card upon delivery. Five hours before my car was delivered the driver informed me that I needed cash, money order or cashiers check when they arrived or my car couldn’t be released. The associate had apparently left for the day and there was no other option. I had to scramble to get that large of an amount in cash last minute. If your looking for a company to transport your vehicle I highly recommend NOT using this one. The quote seemed cheaper up front but I ended up paying for it in the long run! Not worth the headache!

J Rat

I used Direct Connect Auto Transport to ship my daughters car from California to Dallas. Charlie provided excellent customer service. I called several times to check in as I was a bit nervous about some of the reviews I read. I have no idea how this company received bad reviews as they were so easy to work with and so nice. They did everything exactly as they said they would. The driver who actually drove my car, Russ, from Safe Auto Transport was the nicest guy and very communicative. He made sure he delivered the car in a timely manner and in a convenient spot for us to get it from him. I highly recommend Direct Connect!

Brian Lawrence

The end result was good. the actual driver was very nice and responsible. The scheduling of the actual driver was very last minute and made me feel a little uncertain about the process. But the dispatcher was very responsive and delivered on the promise to get a driver though waiting to the last minute.