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7066 Snowdrift Road Allentown, PA 18106 USA

(800) 424-3866

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Customer Reviews
Bonnie Emmert

I highlighted all of the above. The estimate was done promptly and very professionally. Moving day was virtually stress free. The movers were, friendly, polite, patient, attentive to detail, careful and got the move done quickly, safely and without damage or incident. The cost was very reasonable. I will gladly recommend them very highly

diane r

They parked in front of our driveway while moving the neighbors. NO KNOCK ON THE DOOR TO ASK IF IT IS OK. It says something about this company.... if the people at the bottom of the company don't care about parking across a driveway, it's a reflection of the management policy and attitude. Hope that nothing goes wrong with your move, this company cares about no one but themselves. In response to Obrien's rebuttal. This is not a townhouse situation (see house across the street in the picture it is a single family dwelling). There was plenty of room to park the truck a few feet in the other direction and avoid blocking my driveway. The neighbors on the other side of the house your company was moving DOES NOT have a driveway and your employees could have avoided blocking my driveway, BUT CHOSE NOT TO DO SO. So, strike two and three for Obriens. Strike two for not checking your facts and choosing to give out misinformation and saying this is a townhouse. Strike three for the arrogant attitude that you can just park in front people's driveways without permission. Rather than apologize for your mistake, you choose to defiantly defend your actions and justify your policy of blocking driveways. It's not rude to knock at someone's door at 9am to ask permission. I can't imagine how you treat your customer's when there is a problem. lol.

Mike Murray

Not very pleased with the whole experience. Sales person was not always easy to get a hold of when I had questions and or concerns. The movers dropped my wife's grandmother's 100+ year old vanity down the stairs and broke it in several pieces. We noticed damage to other pieces of furniture too (scratches mainly). The movers don't take care of your items. They view it as just moving "stuff". They don't take care in moving it like its people's personal possessions like they should. One worker just bounce the dolly down the stairs loaded with boxes. Luckily we packed the boxes pretty good. Otherwise there would have been a lot more damage. My advise, pay for the extra insurance and or rent a truck and do it yourself.