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315 10th Ave North Suite 107 Nashville, TN 37203 USA

(615) 788-6982

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Customer Reviews
Rick Owen

They underestimated & underbid our move for time, staff, $$$ -- damaged many expensive items, took longer than planned, and we spent more than we would have going with another major moving company. Didn't seem very experienced or professional. The lead fellow did his best, I believe, but he was disadvantaged by his own company and helpers. See attached picture of how some things were left in the garage of our new house into which they moved us. Just thrown in and piled up.

Meghan McNeill

I used these movers a few years ago to move my belongings from state to state and had a breezy experience. Professional, timely, and everything that I moved stayed in one piece. Would definitely recommend.

Sean Mercer

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! First things first. We were delayed indefinitely, to move into our new construction home due to the tornado that hit TN a couple weeks ago. I have tried to call and cancel the move but they refuse to pick up the phone. They have not replied my my number of voicemails and emails. Their website phone and the number on their email all go to the same mobile phone which they keep sending to voicemail. Second, when we booked, they did not tell us that the $119 deposit was non-refundable. The person I spoke with only said that this was to reserve the move date. He also did not send me any email documentation for the move or referencing this “non-refundable” payment. Very unethical and unprofessional. Lastly, I referred them to my in-laws who were moving before us. The crew showed up 2 hours late first off. Then ,when they got there, the movers forgot all the packing material, so they left and didn’t return for another 2 hours. When they finally started, they moved super slow, damaged a few pieces of furniture, and dropped a a piece of furniture which cracked a floorboard. They then told my family that if they gave them a good review the owner would give them a $25 gift card; what a freakin joke! Once they loaded up, it was around 4pm, which was 7 hours after they started, they were “hungry” and decided to take another 2 hour late lunch”, mind you if we had done this ourselves we would have already been moved in by now. On top of that, when they finally showed up at the house to finish the move, they were sluggish, eyes glazed over, and high as a kite. DO NOT USE THESE MOVERS. You would pay less and get moved in quick if you moved everything yourself.

Marc Leonard

They changed the time on us last minute. The coach they moved had their dirty hand marks. Scratched and damaged walls/doors. The workers smelled like smoke and now our couch smells like smoke horribly. Tried washing it multiple times and the smell is still there. We have called repeatedly and no one will return our call. To top it off they charged us an extra $100 for no reason. DO NOT USE!

Dayton Long

Green Truck movers caused over $1,000 in damages to my furniture and will only offer me $120 for compensation for my damages!! Green Truck movers arrived at my home on moving day over an hour late. They arrived ill prepared for the job at hand and did not have enough moving blankets for my furniture. Instead, (unbeknownst to me), they decided to stack my furniture in the moving truck without adequate blankets damaging over $1,000 in my furniture. They also did not return some of my personal moving blankets that I loaned to them because they were ill prepared for my move. They also misplaced and broke several pieces of glass tops for my furniture. I filed a claim BEFORE Thanksgiving and it has not been resolved. They have offered me $120 for OVER $1,000 in damages. This company is unprofessional and incompetent. I even gave one of their movers a washer and dryer for free and this is how my gratitude is repaid? DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY TO MOVE YOUR FURNITURE I had a great experience with them with a previous move, but my recent experience has been FAR from good.