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6001 Lane Dr Alexandria, VA 22304-3642 USA

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Two Marines And A Truck Customer Reviews
Laura Geraci

We just completed a move from an work apartment in DC to a home in NY, which was handled by me from NY. I could not have asked for things to go smoother. They kept in constant communication with me, keeping me updated on progress and arrival time in NY. Everything was exactly on time. My boss met them at the drop off location and said they were wonderful. They worked with him on getting everything where he needed it to be. They were great to work with and everything went smoothly and with minimal effort on my part!

Alan Kramer

Don't, just don't. I've moved enough to know that the industry does not have a good reputation and I've waited 4 months to write this to make sure my anger did not get in the way of an objective review so I consider what follows to be largely factual. The move they did was across town and into a brand new construction townhouse. The following things were done properly: Scheduling Communications Punctual Price (a little high but the region is not cheap either) These things were issues: End table leg broken off - I fixed this. Fine dining chair leg snapped in half - paid $220 to repair. Console table leg broke - $100 repair Bedroom dresser mirror frame broken - not fixed yet. End table legs deformed - I fixed this. Two framed pictures missing - $100 value each Up three flights of stairs, the brand new walls were covered with scraps and material transfers from furniture, boxes etc. The drywall in these stairwells has fist sized chunks gouged out that will need filling. All of the stairwells will need repairing and painting. ~$300 if I pay someone? I'm guessing here. They did not cover the floors even after asking three times. The first flight of stairs (hardwood) looks as if they beat on them with a hammer. This will take a few hundred dollars to repair at least - again a guess but the damage is not trivial. Every single box was turned upside down. This is not necessary. I purchased insurance. They offered to reimburse ~$300. They have not returned my calls or emails and I have not heard from them since January. So don't use them, from experience I know that there are better movers around.


Overall, they did a great job! They were extremely polite and well under budget. Customer service was exceptional! I appreciated the calls to confirm moving times, options, etc. One of the movers accidentally left the legs of the desk in the starting location which was an hour away from the final destination. I was in the starting location the next day (Thursday) so I picked up the legs. The mover came back over the weekend on his own time (an hour drive) to reattach the legs to the desk because he knew I couldn't lift the desk by myself. Great follow through and much appreciated! Mistakes happen, but it's customer service like that which differentiates moving companies. Thank you for a great move!

LisaMarie DiGiulio

This was the most seamless and efficient move I have ever had. The two movers that came were courteous, friendly and fast! They damaged nothing and in fact, treated it better than anyone ever had. I HIGHLY recommend Two Marines Moving! Pricing - 100% Affordable Service - Top Notch!

Smaiyra Chaudhary

From the first phone call to inquire about Two Marines Moving, I was impressed with the respect and knowledge that Jay used to explain everything about the moving process. The weeks before the move all of my questions were answered promptly by the individuals I spoke to on the phone. Two days before and the day before I was contacted again by John to make sure I had no questions, which was great. Two Marines made the process very personable but also very professional. The day of the move, everything went smoothly. The gentlemen worked fast and hard and got the move done in record time (which I really appreciated). I had a wonderful experience and will be using Two Marines for my future moves. Great job guys, keep it up!