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2417 Third Ave Bronx, NY 10451 USA

Recent review:

Danielle Stueber
May 20, 2020

I honestly can't rave enough about this company. We had an unfortunate experience with a different moving company that put us in quite a spot, but once Velocity was on the job, I could not have been more pleased! They were very communicative before arriving, while doing the work, and as they were finishing up. Every member of their five man team was kind, professional, and considerate. They were clear about exactly how they handle everything, asked good questions to make sure everything was handled as we needed, and did an amazing job of carefully packing everything up and efficiently unloading. All told, a job that was originally quoted to us as taking two full days took six hours from start to finish! They packed the whole apartment carefully, loaded the truck, drive to the storage unit (over an hour away) and were unloaded before dinner time! I was extremely impressed and very grateful. Thank you, Velocity team, for taking care of all my mom's things and doing such an amazing job. You turned around my previous experience and made it completely stress-free!

4.6 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Empire Movers Unclaimed
808 East 139th St Bronx, NY 11379 USA

Recent review:

Zach Simko
May 31, 2020

They will quote you an attractive price for moving/storage and then let you know the real price is close to double. Shifty business practices avoid them

4.3 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Enterprise Van Lines Unclaimed
175 Walnut Ave suite 102 Bronx, NY 10454 USA

Recent review:

Allison Tikar
Apr 21, 2015

I was moving for the first time out of state and i wasn't really sure how to go about finding a mover. I put my information on one website and got called by like 20 movers. One company stood our and that was Enterprise. I wasn't really looking to stay on the phone longer than 5 minutes but my rep was so great and honest that i enjoyed the conversation. We actually talked about other things aside from my move. She gave me a great estimate. It wasn't the cheapest but you can't always go with the cheapest since it's never the best idea and it's cheap for a reason. She asked me questions no other company asked and went over information no other company informed me of. I appreciated her time and honesty and decided to go with them. The great perks are, i wasn't charged an additional penny, once my stuff got loaded, they didnt touch them until they got to my house in Arizona to unload. The same truck and driver that picked up is the same truck and driver that delivered. This company is everything they say they are and are just the best out there. I recommend them to everyone moving for the first time and dont want to get ripped off. Meme Thank you for everything.

5 / 5
based on 1 reviews
Noahs Ark Moving & Storage, Bronx NY Unclaimed
307 Bruckner Blvd Bronx, NY 10454-1807 USA

Recent review:

Subha_ Sarangi
May 14, 2020

We moved from Connecticut to Tennessee in February and they just miss placed our brand new Tv..3/4 stuffs had been broken..Some parts were missed from shoe stand..So when we ask for Tv they told to claim insurance and from the insurance gave us $23 for a $600 Tv..Very dissatisfied..

4.4 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Bsa Moving & Trucking Company Unclaimed
1956 Bronxdale AveBronx, NY 10462 USA
5 / 5
based on 0 reviews
Prime Meridian Moving Unclaimed
175 Walnut ave Bronx, NY 10454 USA

Recent review:

Judith Aarons
Jun 5, 2020

Very professional movers and great value! They arrived on time as requested (on Memorial Day!), packed up the furniture carefully, and brought quickly to my place. No damage to my glass dining table or glass floor lamps. And all on budget! I can't say enough good things about these guys. Thanks Diane!

4.1 / 5
based on 8 reviews
27 Bruckner Blvd Bronx, NY 10454 USA

Recent review:

Jun 5, 2020

Beware FlatRate Moving is a scam. This company moved me from NYC to Texas. An original painting of mine was damaged in the move. I filed a claim with the company & they said to allow 14-21 days to process, but it has now been 85 days & I have not received my settlement check as promised in March. I have called the Claims department 1-2 a week for the last 3 months and each time I call they say "oh your check is going out tomorrow" I'll tell them that is what they told me 2 days ago & yet there are no answers. I've asked for them to email me a picture of the front/back of the check for proof & they say they will then never do. It has been weeks upon weeks of blatant lies to me. They are not to be trusted at all. Do not use FlatRate Moving. They are a dishonorable, scamming company.

4.1 / 5
based on 8 reviews
The Padded Wagon Unclaimed
163 Extrior St. Bronx, NY n.a. USA

Recent review:

Joe Kunkel
Feb 11, 2020

Consitent. They will get it done.

4.1 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Brownstone Brothers Moving, Inc. Unclaimed
321 Rider Ave Bronx, NY 10451 USA

Recent review:

Harry Gutierrez
Nov 10, 2019


5 / 5
based on 6 reviews
Divine Moving & Storage Ltd, Bronx NY Unclaimed
550 Barry St Bronx, NY 10474-6602 USA

Recent review:

Ernesto Avila
Jan 21, 2020

Divine Moving Storage made my last move a breeze! They really took the hassle out of a stressful transition by taking care of all the heavy lifting for my family and me. It sure was a relief to not have to carry all of our heavy boxes up the stairs to the new apartment!

4.8 / 5
based on 8 reviews
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