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Appalachian Movers LLC
419 Outer Drive State College, PA 16801 USA

Recent review:

Daniel Cook-Huffman

I recently contacted Tom, the owner, about moving my late Mother's piano from Indiana to central PA. I had several phone conversations with him and he indicated he could pick up the piano on the way back from dropping a household move in Illinois. The day of the scheduled pickup, the price went up from about $1300 to $2795. It's partly my fault because I didn't get a written quote - it was verbal over the phone. Tom says I was mistaken. I have notes from our conversation. I would not recommend at all. It was a waste of my precious time and I have no trust in this company.

based on 78 reviews
Gearharts Moving & Storage, Inc.
812 N 7th Ave Altoona, PA 16601 USA

Recent review:

Adrienne Allard

Good company.

based on 12 reviews
Hoy Transfer, Inc.
2580 Clyde Ave State College, PA 16801-7507 USA

Recent review:

Lewis Lazarow

I couldn't be more pleased with the treatment of my family and my belongings. Hoy Transfer's employees were efficient and treated my old and new home with care. All my belongings arrived as they left. Thank you for a great experience.

based on 10 reviews
Dinges Moving And Storage Company Inc
901 Scotch Valley Road Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 USA

Recent review:

joshua burns

Moved many times with satisfaction

based on 8 reviews
Parks-Centre Carriers, Inc.
PO Box 18 State College, PA 16804-0018 USA

Recent review:

Devin Moore

I wish I could give them zero stars. What a horribly incompetent and poorly managed company. I chose Mayflower for their supposedly good reputation which turns out to be a joke. Used them for a move from Bellefonte to Arkansas. Day of the move our move coordinator was a no show. The truck showed up several hours early and at the wrong location. It took them NINE HOURS to load all our things... we are just two people with a small amount of things. The driver of the truck told us that they would not make it to Arkansas before Wednesday of next week "at the earliest" and that we would get a call two days in advance to notify us of our drop off time. We thought great- we had some things to sort out before we leave so we'll stay in PA for a couple days before making the long drive ourselves. Monday morning at 7am I get a call- the driver will be ready to drop our stuff off in an hour. So much for two days notice. They finally agreed to put our stuff in storage for two days until we get down there. Once we finally get our stuff MULTIPLE items are missing- from family heirlooms to furniture to clothing. We get passed around between different claims people who are completely unhelpful and unapologetic. Three weeks later they tell us they found three boxes of our things on the original truck. When they arrive one of the boxes is something they were specifically told not to load. We're still missing many valuable belongings but all the claims people dodge our calls and don't respond to emails. We received one form letter that basically says the burden is on us to prove that they actually lost our things... even though they know they left things on the truck. Hoping if I blast them on social media enough they might get shamed into finally returning calls and properly handling our case.

based on 8 reviews
Kennedy Transfer
63 Kennedy Ln Du Bois, PA 15801 USA

Recent review:

Carl Kohlenberg

Moving company that pretty much transfers anything in Pennsylvania

based on 6 reviews
Zeiglers Storage & Transfer, Inc.
1235 Ritner Hwy Carlisle, PA 17013 USA

Recent review:

Bill Blackett


based on 5 reviews
Davidson Brothers Inc.
450 Runville Rd Bellefonte, PA 16823 USA
based on 4 reviews
Lytles Transfer & Storage, Inc.
PO Box 106 Tipton, PA 16684-0106 USA

Recent review:

Ashlie Cooper

Unprofessional employees (and owners) who don't care about respecting the people around them. I would rather buy new furniture every time I move than have these people touch my belongings.

based on 6 reviews
Yeager Moving & Storage, Inc.
301 Maple Ave Du Bois, PA 15801-2389 USA

Recent review:

Asad & Kristy

I think when a business pretty much tells you that they will pick and choose their customers based on how much money they can make, then they should not even be in business. I called more than 6 weeks ahead to request unloading of a 26 foot truck. I was told he is so busy that it's hard to get his guys to work on Saturdays. Understandable until he said if he gets a customer wanting a full service he will make them priority because he' getting tired of people trying to get out of paying full price! Then he says he's on a job and has to go. I told him I would find someone else. He told me I was "harsh".. Well, too bad. What sensible business owner tells these kinds of things to a potential customer? We may build a house soon and most likely would have given him more business. Bad move on your part, especially in a small town. I don't recommend this place!

based on 3 reviews
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