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Affordable Movers of the Hill Country Ltd Unclaimed
403 Candlelight Cir Fredericksburg, TX 78624 USA

Recent review:

Cindy Milner
Jan 8, 2020

The crew arrived at the exact time we were given. They were polite and professional. They have this down to a science. Had everything loaded in 1 hour, amazing. Moved 4 hours away and everything was delivered in perfect condition. I highly recommend this company.

4.6 / 5
based on 8 reviews
PrimeWay Movers Unclaimed
109 Juliad Ct Fredericksburg, VA 22406 USA
3.5 / 5
based on 0 reviews
J. Barber Moving & Storage, Inc. Unclaimed
11631 Shannon Dr Fredericksburg, VA 22408-7309 USA
based on 0 reviews
Capitol Transportation Group Inc. Unclaimed
30 Blackjack Rd Ste 111A Fredericksburg, VA 22405 USA
based on 0 reviews
Northern Va Moving & Storage Unclaimed
Tv Park Hudgins Rd Fredericksburg, VA 22401 USA
based on 0 reviews
Apple Transfer Inc. Unclaimed
39 Sage Lane Fredericksburg, VA 22405 USA

Recent review:

Gavin French
Dec 16, 2019

Absolute garbage the people there horrible other than a few. I used to work there and they skim your paychecks... and have multiple lawsuits to show for it. They will end up loosing or stealing half of your things that they didn't damage and will give you an oh well at the end of the day.

3.4 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Kloke Group, Fredericksburg VA Unclaimed
300 Lansdowne Rd Fredericksburg, VA 22401-7351 USA

Recent review:

Brandy Webb
Mar 9, 2020

This was our last military move as my husband retired from the navy and the move was local. The movers came in without putting anything on their shoes which destroyed my carpet since it was during the winter time. They didn't put some of the screws in some of the furniture which I am glad I noticed it beforehand otherwise my daughter would have been in the floor perion my couch was broke on the inside which we had to go and getting another so far. When I contacted them about reimbursement for the broken sofa we kept getting the run around could never reach the person in claims we always had to go through the reception as to answered the phone then she would email the lady in claims and then after 3 to 4 calls and emails we finally received an email back from the lady in claims who told us she again needed the pictures we already sent. After a year we finally received an email stating how much we would be getting for our sofa which we were fine with. Then after a couple more months and emails we sent we received a letter stating that we would be receiving check within 30 days. It is now been 2 months since we received that letter and I was told that the check was sent in the mail over a week ago and when we called to see where the check was because we have not yet received it they told us that it was sent out and the case was now closed because they supposedly sent the check however we still have not received the check and considering their local I'm sure we would have received it by now if I can get a package from my sister from Texas within 3 days then I think I can get an envelope with a paper check in it in less time. The guy who answered the phone told my husband he would look into it, sent the lady in claims an email and copied it to us yet however it is been over a week and we still have not received the check. If I had my way I would be contacting the military and letting them know to never use this moving company ever.

2.6 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Fredericksburg Moving & Storage Inc Unclaimed
3103 Lafayette Blvd Fredericksburg, VA 22408 USA
4 / 5
based on 0 reviews
All In One Moving And Storage Unclaimed
218 Central rd Fredericksburg, VA 22191 USA

Recent review:

Jeffrey Williams
Jun 3, 2020

We recently returned to the Philippines and needed to move our daughter's furniture from her old apartment in Arlington, VA to the new apartment in Alexandria, VA. Our other daughter lives 50 meters away in a Townhome. We received a postcard advertisement from All in One Moving and Storage at her Townhome. We had already interacted with two other local moving firms and was hesitant to give them a call, as they are located in Fredericksburg, VA, about an hour and a half south of Alexandria. They were very positive, proactive and even though I told them it would be a small move, they sent one of their staff named DOUG up to view our things to assist in their quote. He came exactly when he said he would, was in and out in 30 minutes. We found DOUG to be a very nice person, as well as very professional in his interaction with us. A couple of days later, I started interacting with who I think is their scheduler and proposal writer, at least the primary faced to the Public, named HENESSEY. I had a number of interactions with her over about a one week and a half period and decided to go with All in One Moving and Storage. While I decided to go with them somewhat based on the way they quoted the move; their personalities and can-do attitudes was an equally important factor in my decision. I just felt very comfortable with them, and confident that they would take care of me. They did! They sent two movers and a medium size truck up on the morning of the move that arrived on time all the way from Fredericksburg. The two movers were JOSIAH and DEREK. While they were a bit quiet at first, after the first hour or so, everything warmed up and we got along fine. JOSIAH and DEREK were very professional and knowledgeable in the way they prepared and moved our things down into their truck. One piece was the L-shaped half of an L-shape sofa. Took only two hours as they were very efficient and work oriented and time conscious. I was astounded that they could get that large piece into the elevator, but they did. Upon completion, we had an hour remaining before we could get to use the loading dock at the new condominium. We agreed that we'd all get something to eat on the way over, but they showed up right on time at the other location. JOSIAH and DEREK were just as efficient and professional in unloading, unpacking and getting our things up into our new apartment just as quickly as they did on the front end of the move. As it turned out, it was JOSIAH that had left the postcard advertisement in our neighborhood two weeks or so earlier when he finished someone else's move into our neighborhood. My perception is that All in One Moving and Storage was a smaller company than the other two moving companies I got quotes from whose proposals were more bureaucratic than All in One's, charging for everything possible at 50% more per hour than All in One Moving and Storage. And they wanted to charge from the time they departed their own facility. All in One Moving and Storage did not start their billable clock until they arrived at our doorstep in Arlington, VA, versus when they left Fredericksburg; and, stopped their billable clock as they drove away from the unit they moved our furniture into. I suspect that I paid about 40% less going with them, versus the other two movers. But equally important, I found all of their staff professional, time conscious, friendly and with can-do attitudes. I was especially impressed in my numerous interactions with HENESSEY over the ten days between the quote and the actual move. She was thorough, professional and friendly. I'd say she was the primary reason I went with All in One Storage. She is a great "face" to potential customers for All in One Moving and Storage. Jeffrey Williams Alexandria, VA

3.4 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Familys Pride Moving And Storage Of Virginia LLC Unclaimed
202 Forbes St Fredericksburg, VA 22401 USA
based on 0 reviews
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The main rule of any move is not to succumb to panic, which can overwhelm the thought of how much you need to have time to move successfully. In order to facilitate your move, many companies provide moving services. Fortunately, we have investigated the best movers in Fredericksburg to limit your stress from your big move.
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