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Pardee Moving
2715 Ne 14th St Ocala, FL 34470 USA

Recent review:

Lisa Midgett

Pardee has moved our businesses and our homes over the years. We have recommended them many times to friends and have never been disappointed. They have your whole move under control for you - from packing to UNpacking.

based on 103 reviews
Hughes Relocation Services, Inc, Ocala FL
445 S.W. 52nd Ave. Suite 800 Ocala, FL 34474 USA

Recent review:

Russ Pate

This was our family’s first cross country move and their services made it exponentially easier. They take a face to face approach in understanding how to best serve your need and stay in close touch every step of the way. There are challenges with logistics that make nailing down an exact timeline difficult, their accessibility makes it just a little easier while you play the waiting game. Overall, good customer service and our stuff made it the 3,000 mile trip with no real damages.

based on 46 reviews
Helping Hand Moving Services
308 Oak Track Way Ocala, FL 34472 USA

Recent review:

marc olschewske

They were on time, super quick, and took care of what they moved. The staff worked well together. Good people! I would use them again for sure.

based on 44 reviews
Hills Van Service Of Marion County
416 NW 7th St Ocala, FL 34475-8851 USA

Recent review:

Web Surfer

They did not do a pre-move house check to determine what was involved in the move and then left a gun safe in my carport for 2 nights. Long story short, Hills Van Service dumped a gun safe in my carport because they did not bring the proper equipment to move it and then left it there for 2 nights while I repeatedly called them over that time to get anything done about it. This includes one instance where they promised me a call at the end of the day with an update, I did not hear from them and I called them the next morning only to be told nothing had been done. I had to call a few more times before they finally called the gun safe mover, who responded in a very timely manner. So in short it took them 48hrs to call the gun safe mover while giving me no updates or information. It is also to be noted that I only spoke to the receptionist throughout all this, whoever was in charge of calling the gun safe mover would not talk to me. When the gun safe mover was here moving the safe, he complained to me that he never does residential moves and that Hills had "basically dumped this one on him". Had Hills informed themselves on the "conditions" of the houses they were dealing with this would never have happened. Therefore their lack if preparation and disorganization caused this ridiculous situation and an immense amount of frustration and inconvenience for me, their customer. I asked Hills to work with me on the price because of this situation. I wasn't asking for much, just some indication they actually care about their customers after they have taken your hard earned money. Instead I was met with a brick wall. Emails were not returned, I had to repeatedly request for a reply to my email (same way they did not return phone calls and I had to repeatedly contact them when the safe was clogging my carport! Coincidence?). Again, it was all through the receptionist. Christine, their operations manager, finally emailed me herself when it became clear I was persistent, abruptly telling me to go away. I called Mayflower's main # (Hills is affiliated with them) and spoke to Scott who initially seemed understanding and said he would call Christine and tell her to call me to try to resolve this. Instead he called back a bit later, said he had talked to her, and started a snowjob on me. He repeated ready-made lines over and over and did not address the issue. He claimed Christine had told him I had refused to let them come and examine the houses pre-move the houses which is a blatant lie: they never at any point even mentioned having someone come check the houses pre-move, according to Scott it is a routine step (which Hills obviously skipped): had they not skipped this important step the whole situation with the gun safe would not have occurred. When I told Scott they never brought it up he dodged it. He claimed since it was an intrastate move it wasn't really a Mayflower move and then backpedaled on that when I told him a Mayflower truck had been used. Finally when I pressed the question of why Hills never did a pre-move house check Scott snapped at me "I am not arguing with you" and never answered the question. The way Scott and Christine handled this seemed expressly designed to make me, their customer, shut up and go away. There was another small issue with Hill"s billing department overcharging my card and lagging on refunding the difference but I won't get into it for the sake of brevity and it is not the main issue. In short, buyer beware. Hills Van Service & Mayflower is disorganized and do not have good business practices or customer relations.

based on 16 reviews
Best Bet Movers LLC
4 Pine Pass LN Ocala, FL 34472 USA

Recent review:

Jack Pinter

Best Bet provided an excellent, personalised service, and went out of their way to provide everything we needed. The staff were friendly, helpful , no-nonsense and extremely responsive. They also offered great value for money.

based on 8 reviews
Blocker Transfer of Ocala, Inc
5292 SW 1st Lane Ocala, FL 34474 USA

Recent review:

E. Villafane

Best moving company!

based on 3 reviews
Florida Southwest Van Lines Inc
602 SW 33rd Ave Ocala, FL 34474 USA
based on 2 reviews
Paragon Vanlines Inc
4707 NW 44th Ave Ocala, FL 34482 USA
based on 4 reviews
Harris Moving Company, Ocala FL
11479 Sw 51st Circle Ocala, FL 34476 USA
based on 0 reviews
Mofast Moving And Transport LLC
13 Spring Loop Ocala, FL 34472 USA
based on 0 reviews
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