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Britannia Moving & Storage, Inc. Unclaimed
930 S 700 W Salt Lake City, UT 84104 USA

Recent review:

Janet Cook
Aug 14, 2019

Excellent crew--fast and polite!

4.2 / 5
based on 3 reviews
RHINO Movers Unclaimed
5427 Songbird Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84120 USA
5 / 5
based on 0 reviews
Carnections Auto Transport Unclaimed
412 East Broadway Salt Lake City, UT 84111 USA

Recent review:

Aug 11, 2019

I would highly recommend Carnections for all of your car transport needs!! Highly responsive and trustworthy. I had a wonderful experience with them moving my moms car from Massachusetts to Michigan. Worth every penny for the peace of mind. Thank you!

4.6 / 5
based on 8 reviews
1030 West 2610 South Salt Lake City, UT 84119 USA

Recent review:

Kimberly Fox
Jun 5, 2020

Great service, very professional and friendly. They did a great job for me and went above and beyond their duties. Definitely would use them again.

4.6 / 5
based on 8 reviews
663 South 600 West Salt Lake City, UT 84101 USA

Recent review:

Frances Zizzo-Zaccardi
May 30, 2020

We moved last week on the 22nd and used Rocky Mountain Movers for a second time. The team didn't seem to get along that well, some of the guys worked harder than others. They damaged the corner of my husbands desk and so he had to put screws in the side panel to hold the desk together again. They also had to go back to our old house twice because they forgot a water softener and then the refrigerator. This ended up costing us more for the move. Our first move back in 2013 was a great experience which is why we used them again. If we ever move again though, I would probably look at other companies, sorry to say.

4.5 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Two Men and A Truck, Salt Lake City UT Unclaimed
3532 S. West Temple, Bldg. H, Ste. 1 Salt Lake City, UT 84115 USA

Recent review:

Erika Pixton
Jun 4, 2020

We were very disappointed in using Two Men and a Truck as our moving service and we do not intend to recommend or use this company again. While the movers were very kind, there were far too many issues and the most stressful part of our entire moving experience. First, we had a specific time scheduled for the last appointment of the day because we had the carpets cleaned that morning in our new house. We needed time to let the carpet dry. The company called us 3 times that day in the midst of us moving our other things asking if they could come earlier. Each time, we told them we were scheduled for the 3-5 time slot because we needed to let the carpets dry, they showed up at 2:45pm. Second, we moved all of our own stuff and only hired them to move a few big items. 1 treadmill, 1 table, 1 couch, 1 piano, 1 queen bed, 1 twin bed, 3 ikea dressers, and a few other smaller pieces of furniture. That was it. They took FOUR HOURS to move this amount of furniture. It was agonizingly slow and we ended up wishing we just asked our neighbors for help and moved it ourselves. Third, they asked for our assistance to move things. Multiple times we ended up helping move furniture with them because they asked for the extra hand to make sure it was moved safely. What’s the point of hiring moving if we end up helping with the move? They damaged our brand new high end treadmill. We even tried to make it easy for them and took it all apart except the base. All they had to do was move the flat rectangular base of the treadmill and they managed to dent the frame. One of two pieces of furniture we were worried about moving ourselves and the whole reason we hired professionals to come help. It was extremely disappointing. They dropped our piano while loading it onto the moving truck. They didn’t use a dolly of any kind and were trying to carry it on their own and as they got to the top of the truck, the piano slipped from the sling they were using and it dropped to the floor of the moving truck (a few inches). My father and brother ended up moving it off their truck at the new house end because we didn’t trust them moving it off the truck. They had no idea how to move a piano correctly. It was extremely stressful to watch and again, this piece of furniture was the second reason we hired professionals to help... so we wouldn’t have to worry, but we did the whole time. Hiring Two Men and a Truck was the most stressful part of our entire move experience because the expectations and the reasons of hiring them were not met at all. They were very nice people, but their quality of moving was not efficient, they were extremely slow, and they weren’t careful about the really special pieces of furniture we specifically hired for the move. I would not recommend them to others and I would not plan to hire them again for help. It really was such a disappointing experience.

4.3 / 5
based on 8 reviews
A-1 Pioneer Van Lines, LLC Unclaimed
2001 Warm Springs Rd Salt Lake City, UT 84116-2349 USA

Recent review:

Sheri G
Jun 2, 2020

Juan and Jason were the best. They worked hard and took great care of all our belongings (even a heavy elliptical) from start to finish. I've moved all over the country and this is the first time nothing at all was damaged. They were fantastic to work with and I highly recommend them!

4.9 / 5
based on 8 reviews
406 East 300 South Salt Lake City, UT 84111 USA

Recent review:

Telulamae H
May 30, 2020

Jesse and Chase were awesome! All my stuff was moved in a fair amount of time. 3 bedroom moved from a 2nd floor apt. to a 3rd floor! They didn’t rest until it was done. They busted A** and I’m thoroughly impressed. Will likely use again.

4.8 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Fast Movers Unclaimed
3641 South 700 West Salt Lake City, UT 84119 USA

Recent review:

Michelle Gedde
Jul 18, 2018

This is the worst moving company out there. They took forever to move our furniture. AND, they dented our refrigerator and broke our 55" TV and are refusing to pay to replace the TV and fix the door. They gave us $260, the cost of the weight of the items x $0.60. After already taking twice as long to move it as a group of neighbors would have. Protect yourself and NEVER use Fast Movers. They are slow and disreputable.

4.2 / 5
based on 8 reviews
New Concept Moving and Storage LLC Unclaimed
425 North 400 West Unit 1BSalt lake City, UT 84054 USA

Recent review:

Dianna Hussey
Apr 21, 2020

Jimmy B. and his partner (non-English speaking) were prompt and got the small apartment move done quickly. However, they packed the off-load quite tightly and I was unable to see if anything was missing. I was never invited to view the empty truck as promised. A week later I found my grandson's long board was missing, which was an expensive piece. They took no responsibility for it. Giovanni promised to send me a claim form and kept telling me to just file a police report. I never received the claim form and now have no choice but to file a police report. Their referring company, Starving Students Moving, kept referring me to Giovanni, who was very polite on the phone, but accomplished nothing.

4.1 / 5
based on 8 reviews
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